All services are designed to help your business and leadership transformation.

Service Design

The design of the services is based on the following assumptions:

  • You are looking for results, not techniques or tools.
  • You do not need a standard program, which includes areas where you are already performing well.
  • You need solutions which go beyond approaches you have already tried.
  • You need a high ROI, since this project competes with others for investment.
  • The improvements must be fully integrated into the daily work of the invididual managers, teams or organisation in a way which lasts.

How does it Work?

We believe that the leadership team is where organizational change starts.  Almost all of our interaction with you will therefore be during leadership team meetings and off-sites.  In-between our team meetings, your team will implement what you decided in our meetings.  You will practice new team norms and behaviours, finalize strategic decisions, upgrade your meeting structure and effectiveness, and start communicating in a new way to the organization.

Most clients choose a 1-year program, which kicks off with a 2-day workshop and ensures integration and implementation through follow-up workshops.

Some clients choose the 2-day kick-off only, before they commit.

In all cases, we will work together to define the current team and business status as well as the desired status 1 year from now.  We will start the team improvement work by assessing the current team health via our online survey, which more than 12 000 teams have now done.  We will add the individual aspect by assessing each team member’s personality profile and using it to help everyone in the team get the most out of each other.  Throughout the process, we will provide support for the team leader, HR and any individual team member who needs it.


Business Needs

The fundamental value of this work is to build a sustainable competitive advantage.  As such, it is a goal in itself.  But many specific situations force us to start this work, which we probably should have done all along:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions: The purpose of M&A is typically to increase productivity.  Yet the initial effect is virtually always a slow-down in the effectiveness of the organization.  Before this is solved, the organization will not be able to tap into the synergy or scale effects and will not be able to turn them into top and bottomline growth.
  • Reorganization and Restructuring:  The same thing happens as with M&A.  But we more often underestimate the organizational effect and end up losing time, while waiting for the positive effects.
  • Disruption and technological changes: Whether we are the cause of the disruption, or a technological disruption is used against us, there is a need to speed up the organization.  The organization needs to change its business model, its strategy and its daily habits to match a technology which is changer faster than we are used to.  If any one of our departments or key people move slower then the technology, we will leave it to competition to get the benefits of the new technology.
  • Expansion: During periods of expansion into new geographies or categories, or during hyper growth, the organization needs to protect what made it successful and ensure it is fully implemented in the new part of the business.  Often, the expansion is easier than making the expansion succesful over time.

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