What if Every Employee Touchpoint Executed our Strategy?

What if Every Employee Touchpoint Executed our Strategy?
23/10/2016 Brian Petersen

What if Every Employee Touchpoint Executed our Strategy?

Successful brands use every touchpoint with their customers to reinforce a consistent core identity and to motivate the individual customer to reassess her behaviour. Each touchpoint is an opportunity to either increase customer loyalty or to generate trial.

Companies could also use every touchpoint with its employees to reinforce a consistent strategy (mission, vision, strategy, values, priorities, action plans). These touchpoints can be meetings, corridor talk, e-mails, intranet, evaluations, development plans, rewards, etc. Each touchpoint is an opportunity to motivate the individual employee to reassess his behaviour and priorities, either staying on strategy or aligning with the strategy for the first time.

How many of our daily touchpoints (phone calls, team meetings, project reviews, employee feedback, one-on-one chats, etc.) actively reinforce our strategy and help others align also? What percent of our interactions would be consistent with the complete company strategy, like we would expect from our brands when interacting with our customers?

Scholars report a 70{e07c58cfacd5571957552fdaa85c28f4cfe5d04d53d29807456b50abfcc2fda8} failure rate for transformations because day-to-day behaviour does not change. Couldn’t we change that if we live up internally to the rigour we expect externally from our brand touchpoints?


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