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15 years ago as an executive at P&G in China, I discovered the principles of Patrick Lencioni as described in his books.  It was the end of a long search for a better way to tap into the potential of a very competent organization and to turn my organization into a competitive advantage.

The discovery led first of all to a breakthrough in our business results and a thriving organization.  With such results, it was logical that I would end up using these concepts for the rest of my executive career.

After being selected and trained by Pat, I now work as part of his consulting team to help other companies build organizational health.  It is even more rewarding to now see company after company and leadership team after leadership team discover the potential of their organization.

why organizational health?

A healthy organization has higher levels of productivity and morale than competition.

The leadership team has been able to remove silos and politics in order to focus on one common goal. They are perfectly aligned on what is important right now and their organization sees this in their behaviour and the decisions they make. 

The leadership team role models the desired culture by trusting and counting on each other and inviting everyone to voice disagreements in search of a better plan. The entire organization sees each leadership team member commit to the plan and show accountability throughout the execution.

Companies may have the best managers in the industry and the highest level of expertise. But only the healthy organization is able to fully utilize all of this – and win in the market place.  

outside inspiration

Most companies are forced to change and to transform their operations in order to stay up-to-date and remain successful in the market.  They need to manage this transformation while simultaneously running the day-to-day business.  And despite having only led such transformations once or twice before, they have to overcome the 70{e07c58cfacd5571957552fdaa85c28f4cfe5d04d53d29807456b50abfcc2fda8} statistical risk of failure.

This situation, more than any other, is one where a fresh, independent and competent outside perspective is needed.  I spent 28 years transforming businesses as an executive across 8 countries before becoming a board director.  The last 5 years, I have helped other managers, teams and organizations build a competitive advantage through leadership and organizational health.

Executive & CEO

Copenhagen Airports, Procter & Gamble

Board Director

Coloplast, VisitDenmark, ALK, CfL, Egmont, B&O


Worked in 8 countries, business responsibility for 125 countries

Senior Advisor

Principal Consultant at The Table Group.  Certified executive coach, mentor, facilitator, lecturer



for executives, leadership teams and organizations

Patrick Lencioni and The Table Group consultants have spent the last 20 years optimizing how to help executives and their leadership teams turn their organizations into a competitive advantage. The result is a proven model which each time is adapted to the situation. We work with you via workshops and meetings, where you are challenged to lead the behaviour you are looking for in the organization. Creating a strong leadership team which is truly aligned around clear and simple priorities is the best thing you can do to get the entire organization to follow you. The result is superior financial results. If you would like an informal talk about your challenges and needs, feel free to contact me by clicking here.